Adult Day Health

Adult Day Health Care

A program that is in professional care settings in which older adults, including adults with dementia, receive individualized therapeutic, social, and health services for some part of the day.

Selecting a Center

The National Adult Day Service Association (NADSA) has a checklist that can be downloaded by clicking here.

NADSA recommends asking the following questions:

  1. How many years has the center been in operation?
  2. Is licensure, certification or accreditation required for the center? Is the center licensed, certified or accredited?
  3. What are the days and hours of operation? What is the policy concerning late arrival or late pick-up?
  4. What assistance is provided if needed, e.g. eating, toileting, transfers, dispensing medication?
  5. Is specialized care provided for conditions such as memory loss, Multiple Sclerosis or Traumatic Brain Injury?
  6. What ancillary services are offered if needed, e.g. transportation, bathing, hair styling, dental checkups, podiatry?
  7. Do participants have access to services such as physical or occupational therapy?
  8. What types of activities are provided?
  9. How are participants involved in planning activities?
  10. Are meals and/or snacks provided? How are special diets accommodated?
  11. How often are individual service plans written and updated? How are families involved?
  12. At what point is a person no longer eligible to receive care at the center?
  13. What is the staff/ participant ratio?
  14. What kind of training does staff receive?
  15. Do volunteers supplement staff?
  16. What is the fee—hourly, daily or monthly charge? Other charges—meals, snacks, transportation, outings, ancillary services?
  17. Deposit required? What types of payments are accepted—check, credit card, direct withdrawal? What is the policy for missed days?
  18. Is financial assistance available if needed?

You may download a list of Adult Day Health Facilities licensed by the RI Department of Health here:

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