Elder Care Professionals-What Are They & Why You May Want to Hire One

Elder Care Professionals-What Are They & Why You May Want to Hire One

As we spend time with our family, take a moment to notice if your older loved ones need more help. You may notice unsteadiness when they walk. Perhaps they are a bit more forgetful. The majority of seniors want to stay home- to age in place. No one ever jumps up and down demanding to move into a nursing home. Are you unsure of what to do or do family members disagree on a course of action?

Older adults need to be the drivers in the decision-making process for their own lives. Creating a plan of care or course of action that they agree to is the ultimate goal to avoid a crisis. Perhaps the older adult has a strong support structure but the caregivers are unsure what services are available or how to access them. A simple phone call providing guidance to the caregiver may be enough to meet their needs.

Perhaps the caregivers and the older adult have different opinions on what the ultimate goal is and how to get there. This is where an Elder Care Professional can help. An Elder Care Professional combines a working knowledge of health care needs, psychology, health care systems, community resources, and funding sources to identify care needs and provide direction and support to make the best decision for your loved one. They can navigate simple or complicated care situations by knowing what questions to ask and knowing a wide range of services and supports available. They are also skilled in mediation to resolve family conflicts.

Consider utilizing an Elder Care Professional like you might a financial planner, a CPA or an attorney who are experts in their area of practice. Elder Care Professionals are often able to save clients time and money through the provision of advice, care coordination and care oversight. Services are usually paid privately by the Senior or their family and can save them considerably more money than do-it-yourself. The cost of an Elder Care Professional might be only a fraction of the savings they could produce.

Rushing into long-term care, or operating in “crisis mode” after a major health event can be costly both financially and emotionally. You can avoid these costly mistakes by speaking to an Elder Care Professional ahead of time. An eldercare professional can help you and your loved one navigate the maze of long-term care services.

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