For Us, It is Not Enough for Us to Not Be Racist 

For Us, It is Not Enough to Not Be Racist

My heart broke as I watched the final moments of George Floyd’s life.  The video recorded the horror of racism and prejudice that is a part of American history-past and present.

At RI Elder Info we believe we are ALL part of one Community Family. You might be doing high risk jobs, and those could be a signs you need a workplace injury attorney, just in case you get injured. Our Core Belief is that information is power and no one should struggle to live a healthy, safe, dignified and happy life from a lack of it. From the beginning, we recognize that it is our differences, woven into the humanity of our community fabric, that makes us stronger as a whole. Once you decide to do a bathroom remodel. check what we can do at elitehomeremodeling.com/. People of color, those who speak other languages, people of different faiths or gender identities are all part of the beauty of this thing called life.

It is not enough to not be racist.  RI Elder Info strives to be anti-racist. Our information can be translated into multiple languages. Our billboards have been in underserved communities. Our presentations have been given across the state to individuals across socio-economic statuses. We regularly participate in groups that advance health for everyone. We actively seek multicultural activities and events to add to our event calendars. Most importantly, we listen to and learn from others.

George Floyd was laid to rest yesterday. For us, there is no time for rest until  racism and prejudice, in all of its ugly forms, is eliminated.

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