Help for Seniors in Many Forms

Help for Seniors in Many Forms

Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

-Theodore Roosevelt

The past few weeks has really brought many resources forward in unusual and unexpected ways! Below is a list of resources for Seniors and others during the COVID-19 situation.

Rhode Island Department of Health is the leading source of reliable information regarding Corona Virus also known as COVID-19.

Health Source RI has has a special open enrollment period through April 30th.  For anyone who is concerned that they need to be tested for coronavirus — or anyone who is seeking care because of coronavirus exposure — coverage starts retroactively!

Cyber Seniors offers online training to Seniors (and others) on how to access help and resources online. Detailed written information is provided so you can learn how to join the online trainings being offered.

RI Delivers is list of groceries and markets that offer delivery service. Please plan your grocery shopping ahead as several delivery programs are scheduling in advance.

Shopping Angels provide free shopping services for the elderly and disabled.

Next Door RI this is an opportunity to sign up online to connect with others in your neighborhood. Many neighborhoods are creating a network of volunteers to support one another.

RI Virtual Memory Cafe’s (the first in the country!) are taking place on Mondays and Thursday at 1pm to support individuals with dementia and their care partners.

RI Department of Health Volunteer Opportunities offer a chance for healthcare professionals to volunteer their services, manufacturers and community members to work together to support our fellow Rhode Islanders during the COVID-19 crisis.

MTM Transportation will now provide transportation to COVID-19 testing sites for individuals on Medicaid and the elderly.


We are regularly updating information so if you need help receiving meals, grocery shopping or want to volunteer,  are looking for restaurants near you that deliver, wondering when are the Senior shopping hours or what pharmacies offering free delivery you will find it on our News page.

Most importantly-






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