Paying for Care

7 Things to Consider When Discharging From the Hospital

  1. What are you able to do safely on your own & what will you need help with? (ex: bathing, cooking, shopping, laundry)
  2. Do you need to go to a subacute rehab facility to regain your strength?
  3. Will you need homecare services? (ex: a nurse that visits a few times a week or home health aide)
  4. What will your insurance cover? (Medicare does not cover everything)
  5. Do you have the needed supplies and, if not, where do you get them? (ex: bandages, wraps, gloves, adult diapers)
  6. Do you have the equipment you will need and the space for it? (ex: hospital bed, commode, walker, grab bars)
  7. Do you have transportation to get to follow-up doctors visit. (ex: can you or a family member drive or call a cab? do you need an ambulance or wheelchair car?)


You have the right to choose where you will be discharged. If you feel you are being sent home too soon you have a right to appeal that decision. A realistic assessment of what you can do is important for being able to make an informed decision.

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