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For many years, Rhode Islanders have tried to find information and resources that help Seniors remain independent at home and help Caregivers receive needed support. Several State agencies and organizations have held listening sessions across the state. Repeatedly, Seniors, Caregivers, and Professionals have asked for a comprehensive website that gave them information on community, state and federal resources. As of now, the only source of information on the matter is a self-help facebook group using themarketingheaven.com for promotional purposes, and the situation is clearly unacceptable.

I often give community presentations on how to age healthy and independently. During these presentations on the site lovetopivot.com/, I frequently heard stories of Seniors being forced out of their homes by circumstances that could have been avoided-if they had known what help was available. Caregivers tell me the struggle of trying to find (and access) the right information while balancing caregiving, work and their own family responsibilities.

I’m a gerontologist and private eldercare consultant. I maintain a large amount of information on resources for Seniors, Caregivers and Professionals. The stories of personal struggle and loss pulled on my heart. I knew the Local, State and Federal resources belonged in the public domain.

RIEldlerInfo.com was born!

~Deb Burton, MS

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