Scammers Working Overtime!

Scammers Working Overtime!

A word of caution-the IRS Scammers are working overtime to steal your money! By the end of 2019 the IRS Scammers had successfully swindled people out of over $10 Million! The crooks have improved their methods of scamming you.

One of the current scams involves someone calling and saying that you owe back taxes or that your Social Security number is being suspended. The Scammer then asks you to verify your Social Security number. Sometimes the Scammer will state you owe the IRS and will be arrested if you don’t pay immediately. A payment in some form-a credit card, your bank information or gift cards, is then demanded.

Scammers have become so sophisticated that they have the ability to make the real IRS or Social Security phone numbers appear on your caller ID. It’s called “spoofing”. Don’t get fooled! Hang up if you receive a call. If you think that maybe the IRS does want to speak to you, perhaps you recently sent in your tax returns, or are waiting for your refund, then call the IRS yourself or go to one of the local offices. Don’t give out any of your information to anyone who has called you.

When in doubt-find out! Ask your tax professional about deductions and if you get a call from the IRS, or Social Security, hang up and call the office directly to find out.

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